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I took a liking to this woman I met a few months ago. I was facing some issues and I was advised to meet a lawyer. She works at his office...

Dear Diana,
I took a liking to this woman I met a few months ago. I was facing some issues and I was advised to meet a lawyer. She works at his office. She was helpful and kind. As the lawyer was always busy, she gave me an attentive ear through the crisis with all the paperwork. We would chat on the phone daily and I even confessed my feelings for her. Last week, she told me that there was something important she had to tell me. She met me at a mall. In office, she would always be in western formals. At the mall, she was in a sari with a mangalsutra around her neck. Accompanying her was a guy. She introduced him as her husband. I felt like a fool and ever since I have been avoiding her. Why could she not tell me earlier that she was married? She played with my feelings. What should I do?
— Ashmit

Illustration/Uday Mohite
Illustration/Uday Mohite

Dear Ashmit,
This woman played with your feelings. You gave her a lot of attention and made her feel wanted. She has taken you for a ride. It is surprising that she did not tell you that she was married. You were like a toy boy for her and when you got serious, she spilled the beans. It is obvious that you were just her timepass. You can only hope that she does not make you the butt of jokes at her office. Hopefully, you have completed the legal formalities and do not have to see her again. Get going with your life and next time be wary before you fall for anyone. Check on her credentials before you pop the question. This woman was looking for some fun on the side and sadly, you had no clue. She was certainly a smooth operator. You have learnt a lesson, so next time you will steer clear from finding yourself in such a situation.

Diana will solve it!
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First Published: 17 December, 2015 06:00 IST

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