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Sep 23, 2013, 09:48 IST | Kanika Sharma

It takes verve to strum a 10.5 kg instrument when you're all of 25 years. Mumbai girl Anushka Lewis, like her instrument, is a rare musician who has been booking ears with singles like Blue Nails, Bright Orange Tea Cups and the mash-cover of Shaa'ir + Func's Freeze You/My Root. Tomorrow, you get to catch this talented artiste who will perform along with other acts like Something Relevant, TankBund and Unohu at The Scene

“A harp can be as dangerous as a sword, in the right hands.” If George RR Martin in A Storm Of Swords is to be believed, listening to Anushka Lewis, known in the circles, as Nush can be very lethal. Exposed to music since a young age, Lewis was always clear that music occupied the centrestage in her life. Yet, it was only through a chance encounter that she was introduced to the instrument that is often likened to pearls.

Anushka Lewis attributes her career to her family who aided her in buying the 800-pound instrument from London. Pics courtesy/ Prashin Jagger

“Well, the harp is a rare and unusual instrument, and isn’t a common instrument to see nowadays. When I first saw the harp, up close and personal, which was in Chennai’s KM Conservatory School, I was intrigued by its mechanics and sound. I started classes with the harp teacher at the music school even though it wasn’t a part of my regular music subject,” shares the talented 25-year-old. When one tunes into on SoundCloud, one discovers what precisely ‘bedroom’ singles can imply. Surreal and dark, Lewis hushes such adjectives; “Oh, I made my peace the day I started learning the harp. If anyone meets me in person they wouldn’t expect someone like me to write such material. I am the curly hair, giggly, freckle-faced thing that talks a lot and I never saw this side of me till the harp came along. It is the other side of my soul that no one really sees. Personally, I find it introspective and very interesting.”

Comfortable in the arena of acoustics, the sprightly musician, remarks, “I love experimenting with the sound and playing with other musicians. Acoustic music is a sound I’m most comfortable with…there’s something about the warmth. Not to say, I dislike non-acoustic genres. I’m a big fan of Electronic and experimental stuff; it’s a space I would love to go to with the harp.” Piqued by the idea of hearing something unique, we ask about her upcoming Extended Play (EP): “I have reconstructed all my singles with the help of Rahul Hariharan and Ishaan Krishna who have composed drum and bass lines, respectively. The sound has become heavier and a bit larger. The EP will carry this sound with maybe the addition of a piano line that I will compose.”

Looking forward to her gig tomorrow, Lewis shares an electrifying energy as she occupies the stage after a year: “It’s with a new line up and new sound, so I’m excited. Also, I will be performing on keys (piano) for the first time. From being a soloist to playing as a duo and now finally a band; I’m so ready for this.”

On September 24, 8.30 pm to 12.30 am
At BlueFrog, Mathuradas Mills, Lower Parel. CALL 61586158
To Listen to nush lewis soundcloud. com/nushlewis

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