She sings for The Beautiful Game

Jun 20, 2012, 09:57 IST | Ruchika Kher

Football fever has hit the globe thanks to Euro 2012 and with it, its official song, Endless Summer, is making waves on and off the turf. German singer Oceana Mahlmann, who sang Euro 2012's official song, chatted with Ruchika Kher about why this track means the world to her, and her dream of coming to India

How did you get on board for the official Euro 2012 song?
Last year, I was working on my album and I didn’t think about football or Euro 2012. I came up with an idea for a song with my producer; the original version of the song was an acoustic Reggae track. When the football federation (FIFA) heard the song, they loved it and felt that the melody and the chorus were nice and perfect for football stadiums. That’s how Endless Summer became the official song for Euro 2012. It made me very happy and it was an honour because I love football, since it makes people happy all over the world. What also helped was that I am known in Europe and I got success with my first album Love Supply in Poland and Ukraine. That’s why they decided to work with me because people in the European countries were aware of my music.

What is the most interesting aspect of the song?
The best part is the chorus. It is so easy, yet catchy. I love it. I have performed the song lately at a lot of places where people sing along. They become a part of the performance.

The video shows you travelling to countless places. What locations featured in the music video?
All the beach scenes were shot in Jamaica. We also shot in Paris and Warsaw. You also see parts of Ukraine and Munich in the video. We tried capturing some of the most of the beautiful places in Europe.

How much of a football fan are you? Which team are you rooting for at Euro 2012?
I like the game because it binds and unites people from all over the world. As far as my favourite team is concerned, I’m confused because I back several teams. I love Germany… they are very good, but I also cross my fingers for the host nations (Poland, Ukraine) because they have hosted such a big event. I love Spain too. May the best team win, eventually.

Do you plan to visit India?
I would love to visit India. It’s one of my biggest dreams to experience India, because I’ve heard so much about the place. My father’s is from Martinique (Caribbean) and in Martinique there were a lot of people of Indian origin. I’m so fascinated by the culture that I would love to see it closely. I love Indian music a lot from what I’ve heard so far. I love Bollywood movies; and the way they dance. It was a great experience to have met Pandit Ravi Shankar.

When will you release your next album since your last one was released in 2009?
I’ll be releasing my next album, My House, in two weeks, in Europe. I hope to release it in India, soon. Musically, there is a lot of Soul, Reggae, the original version of Endless Summer, Pop and Dance tracks too.

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