'She won't follow your tweets? Maybe they're boring'

Jun 01, 2016, 06:10 IST | Dr. Love

Introducing Dr Love, who solves your relationship riddles in a confusing digital age

Q. My girlfriend doesn't follow me on Twitter. Is this a bad sign?
A. Why does she have to follow you anyway? Are you saying something terribly important online that you aren't offline? Maybe she hates what you have to say and her not following you may actually be good for your relationship. Or maybe you're just insecure about the fact that she doesn't hang on to your every word. The fact that you take this so seriously is amusing and condescending at the same time. If she thinks you have something to say, she may follow you. If she doesn't, that's her call. Maybe you should just focus on saying something important for a change.

Q. What can I do to improve my relationship?
A. The fact that you believe it needs improvement is a start in the right direction. There's no such thing as a perfect relationship, of course, because being human means we all have a large chunk of emotional and other baggage lying around. You can still have a great relationship with someone though, if you are open about your feelings, communicate regularly and honestly, and trust your partner. Another important thing to do as often as possible is laugh. If you and your partner can smile about a lot of things happening in your lives, you are both halfway there already. Things will only get better.

Q. How can I improve communication with my partner?
A. Opening your mouth is a good way to start. Don't assume your partner is a mind reader. Don't assume the little cues and hints you put out are making their way through to your partner's brain. It's always easier to just say how you feel than to wait for your partner to get what you're saying using a complicated sign language of your own invention. There are other ways to communicate too, of course, and non-verbal cues will be enhanced the longer you are in a relationship. The first thing to do is talk though, and talk often.

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