Sheena Bora murder case: HC kicks ball to CBFC's court over movie release

Apr 08, 2016, 08:14 IST | Vinay Dalvi

The court refuses to stay the movie based on the case and asks the petitioner to let the board decide if the movie would the affect the trial

The Bombay High Court yesterday refused to grant a stay on the release of Bengali movie ‘Dark Chocolate’ based on the Sheena Bora murder case. The court also told the petitioner, media baron Peter Mukerjea’s sister Shangun Das Gupta, to let the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) decide if the movie deserves a certification of not.

“Do not just assume that the CBFC will accept the film. There are mature people sitting on the board and we can’t show distrust in them. They know how to balance an act and know the reasonable restrictions as well,” the high court observed.

Shangun had approached the Bombay High Court after the movie’s trailer released on YouTube claiming that with its release Peter would lose his chance at a fair trial.

Agnidev Chatterjee, the director of the movie, which stars actors Mahima Chaudhary as Indrani Mukherjea and Riya Sen as Sheena Bora, told the court that they are done shooting the film and it is absolutely based on media reports that have appeared in newspapers.

The court, in the past hearings, observed that everything about the case is already out and the charge sheet has also been filed. Senior counsel Venkatesh Dhond, who is representing Shangun before the HC bench of Justice S C Dharmadhikari and G S Kulkarni, asked the court to allow them a representation in the CBFC board.

“We can’t show distrust in the board as they are learned people. They will surely give a fare chance to you. You can still come to us after a certificate is granted to the movie and challenge it. They might just refuse to give the movie a certification if they think it would affect the trial,” observed Justice Dharmadhikari.

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