Sheena Bora murder case: 'If government took care of Qasab, they will do so for Indrani as well'

Updated: Mar 19, 2016, 19:30 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar |

The prosecution did not mince words while opposing Indrani Mukerjea's application, saying they are ensuring she is well taken care of, just like the 26/11 terrorist

Former media tycoon Indrani Mukerjea's health and her 18 kg weight loss were back in the spotlight yesterday as the hearing for her bail continued. The prosecution opposed her bail application, arguing that Mukerjea is being provided with a protein-rich diet and has adequate security around her, while reminding the court that if the government had ensured Qasab's well being while he was in jail, they would do the same for Indrani as well.

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The prosecution stated that Indrani Mukerjea is making a mountain out of a molehill when it came to her health. File pic
The prosecution stated that Indrani Mukerjea is making a mountain out of a molehill when it came to her health. File pic

On Friday, special CBI prosecutor Bharat Badami said Indrani is seeking bail on two important grounds – her illness and on her special legal rights as a woman. Badami informed the court, "Considering this is a highly sensitive case and keeping her security in mind, she is being guarded by two woman cops round the clock and her cell is even under CCTV cover. In the past, the government has put a lot of money for the security of Ajmal Qasab and we are going to provide her with the same as well." The court is likely to issue her bail order on Wednesday, March 23.

Regarding her weight loss, Badami commented, "Indrani keeps walking in the barracks, that is how she is burning calories. She herself is responsible for the weight loss."

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Normal health
Badami also informed the court that when she was hospitalised in October 2015, 12 different doctors, including the gynaecologist, neurologist and skin specialist examined her. She was adviced not to have spicy food, take rest and sleep properly. Badami said Mukerjea was provided with a protein-rich diet, which includes dry fruits, fruits, milk and boiled vegetables. Her present health condition is normal and she can be sent to the JJ Hospital as and when required.

Mukerjea's advocate Mahesh Jethmalani said on Thursday that Indrani needs constant monitoring as her health has been deteriorating since October last year. She needs proper medication as she is suffering from chronic small vessels ischemic disease, which could interrupt the supply of oxygen to her brain and may result in a brain stroke. Jethmalani also told the court that he is seeking bail on humanitarian grounds and not on merit.

"It is not that she is suffering from a serious disease. I don't want to comment if it is a cooked up story," said Badami, adding, "The renowned JJ hospital is taking special care of her. She is being advised to do yoga and meditation, which she is doing."

"We take care of everybody. Unfortunately some people want VIP treatment. Whatever disease she claims to have, a person affected by it can lead a normal life. They are just making mountain out of a molehill. She was enjoying a lavish life and thus, going to jail has led her to suffer from hypertension. She is bound to suffer from hypertension and she should after everything she has done," said Badami.

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