Sheena Bora murder: Dead people (and their emails) do tell tales

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Not just Indrani, but Peter Mukerjea also had issues with Sheena Bora, emails attached to the Central Bureau of Investigation charge sheet show

Not just Indrani, but Peter Mukerjea also had issues with Sheena Bora, emails attached to the Central Bureau of Investigation charge sheet show.

Peter Mukerjea being taken to Esplanade Court yesterday.
Peter Mukerjea being taken to Esplanade Court yesterday.

The tipping point was a time when Sheena apparently used son Rahul Mukerjea’s phone to send abusive text messages to both Peter and Indrani, which led to bitterness in the family.

In an email dated April 2, 2011, Sheena Bora apologises to Peter for using her boyfriend Rahul’s phone to send the abusive messages. Sheena said she did this after getting an email from Vidhie’s email ID abusing her. She added that she learnt later that the mail was actually sent by Indrani to create a rift between Vidhie and her.

Indrani Mukerjea. Pic/Sameer Markande
Indrani Mukerjea. Pic/Sameer Markande

In his reply to Sheena on April 3, 2011, Peter told Sheena he would not accept her clarification or apology.

“I was hurt by the language you used,” read the mail. “It was shocking and nasty and I do not believe that anyone from a good family background would ever write that to anyone no matter what circumstances, least of all from my son or his girlfriend.”
Peter also told Sheena that Rahul has stopped attending the annual Christmas get-together in Goa ever since he started dating her. He asked her to keep his sons away from her “personal problems with Indrani.”

Rahul then joined issues, sending a mail to Peter, and copied to Sheena, brother Rabin and Vidhie, telling them that though Sheena had sent the apology note without his consent, they should just accept it and close the issue.

Peter replied, saying Rahul and Sheena still need to apologise in person for her behaviour.

Rahul replied saying though he did not send the abusive messages, he too would apologise if Peter wished so. He also justified Sheena’s messages, telling his father in a mail on April 13, 2011, that she was really angry with Indrani when she sent them.
Rahul then told Peter that Indrani was bad-mouthing Sheena, sending threats to him and Sheena, and was even scheming to get Rahul thrown out of his flat. He demanded that Indrani apologise for her behaviour.

Finally, a year later in 2012, Rahul apologised to Peter on April 27. Sheena Bora was murdered on April 24, 2012.

In an email to both Indrani and Peter, Rahul said, “Unfortunately, I became muddled in some of your own (Indrani) family issues and as a result have not really been able to be in touch with any of you properly since then. Whatever happened on that night was unfortunate and misguided and should not have really happened. The truth of it all is that much before that night I had fallen very much in love with Sheena. Rightly or wrongly, and perhaps without enough background knowledge, I offered full support as she was going through a very difficult and emotional time. I am sorry Indrani, that I got off on the wrong foot when I first came 10 years ago and sincerely wish that I could go back in time and change. I do not harbor any ill feelings towards anyone and I fully accept and every individual has the right to pursue their happiness. There are a couple of things which should never had changed, parents’ love for their kids and kids’ love for their parents. I miss Sheena incredibly. I will try to make things better as far as possible, please tell her if you can.”

A month before murder
In March 2012, Indrani was desperately trying to get close to Sheena, details in the charge sheet show. She gained the complete trust of Sheena. An email conversation a week before she was murdered suggested that Sheena was planning a three-day trip with Indrani and the family.

“Over last few years lot of things happened. Always have been upset with you for the fact that you as mother left us and never even cared to find out if were even alive. I am not a bad person. Those angry heartfelt text messages I sent you were inappropriate and impulsive, Rahul did not send you any SMSes, trust me. I wish I could change it. Anger, heavy medication for hypertension, misinformation and misunderstandings took a toll. Whatever happened 3 years back should have not happened. Wish I could change it all. What is wrong if I get married to Rahul? I am very and safe with Rahul. Shouldn’t that be the most important thing for parents, loved ones? Life is too short for holding grudges, telling lies and being upset about stuff. Lets live happy life with any lies and manipulations. Anyways have health life and I would be lying if I say I don’t love you.”
Indrani replied on March 10: “My darling I have been so waiting to hear from you and glad that you finally made contact. I will call you. I want you to relax and not worry about anything anymore. I have always loved you and will continue to love no matter how angry we are with each.”

Sheena replied on March 11, “Nothing needs to be sorted our. It is all good. I just wanted to clear the air and unnecessary tension between us two. I was expecting a response from you but I feel better. Love love, take care.”

On April 19, 2012, just days before she was killed, Sheena again wrote to Indrani: “Can we do Nagpur trip during April 30 – May 1? May 1 is a holiday and I can take a day off on Monday. What do you think? How did you like Don 2?? Hee Hee”

Indrani replied: “You don’t worry about anything. Speak soon love and kisses.”

That was the last mail exchanged between mother and daughter.

First Published: 24 November, 2015 08:09 IST

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