Sheetal wants a written apology

Aug 10, 2012, 09:06 IST | A Correspondent

Despite attempts by Bombay High Court to resolve the dispute in the Mafatlal family, Sheetal Mafatlal stubbornly refused to accept an oral apology from sister-in-law Gayatri Zhaveri - and Madhuri Mafatlal and Ajay Mafatlal who are not parties to the complaint.

On Thursday, a division bench of justices VM Kanade and KK Tated in their order noted, “Both parties have amicably settled the dispute between them and agreed to withdraw criminal complaints against each other.”

In and out: Sheetal Mafatlal leaving Bombay high court yesterday. 

Ajay Mafatlal (left) and Gayatri Zhaveri (right) arriving at the high court yesterday. Pics/Suresh KK

The court added that as per an apex court judgement, the extraordinary jurisdiction of the high court could be invoked to quash private complaints before the magistrate, if they were personal in nature. The complaint before the magistrate was made by Madhuri against Sheetal for alleged domestic violence.

‘Put pen to paper’
However, Sheetal’s advocate Parvez Memon informed the court that his client was insisting on a written apology. Justice Kanade asked her, “The dispute is resolved; we have quashed the criminal cases against you. Why do you want to precipitate the matter by insisting on a written apology?”

Sheetal replied, “Sir, it is a question of my safety. How do I know they will not file such a complaint against me again?”

Sheetal and her husband Atulya had reconciled after the latter made a public apology to her for all his shortcomings. The court responded, “The matter is resolved, why don’t you start with a clean slate?

Or do you like coming to court?” Sheetal merely smiled coyly, while the matter was adjourned till 5 pm, when the court attempted to intervene in a private chamber hearing in order to resolve the matter.

Ultimately, the attempt at an amicable settlement failed, as both sides considered themselves to be the victims, and Sheetal continued to demand a written apology from Gayatri. Sheetal has already settled her disputes with Atulya, his two children and another sister.  

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