Shirish Kunder is going around in circles

Jun 15, 2012, 09:08 IST | Jigar Shah

Director had a tough time making crop circles to depict UFO landings in his upcoming film 'Joker'

As Shirish Kunder’s next film with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha deals with UFOs, director Shirish Kunder had to make crop circles in Chandigarh where the film was shot. When UFOs land on earth, they much burn the land leaving saucer shaped tell-tale signs. The film’s production team had to make crop circles to depict the aftermath of an UFO landing.

Crop circles are created by the flattening of crops. But shooting is difficult because the crops would dry up soon and if they were damaged, shooting could not occur due to continuity reasons. It would happen so often that an actor would have to pass through the crop circle and if that shot was not okayed, the entire crew would have set them up on another location where they have made an extra crop circle for safety and if there also shot would not happen , then move to another.

Says Shirish, “It was really tedious. We ate up half of Chandigarh in making the crop circles!” This also required extreme patience of the cast member. We wondered if this angered Akshay, on which Shirish said, “ Akshay is a level headed guy and he is known to keep his cool on sets. I don’t think he himself remember the last time he lost his temper.”  

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