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Jul 18, 2013, 08:52 IST | Devika Desai

Make an appointment with the BSC Travelling Tailor to customise the shirt of your dream, from the cut and fabric right down to cuffs � all in the comfort of your own home!

Ask a woman why she likes shopping: she will say it’s the variety of choice. In the case of a man, it’s the sheer victory of making an effortless purchase. This is what makes shopping a comic controversy between men and women — the effort! Now, the Bombay Shirt Company (BSC) has offered a brilliant solution to put a stop to everyone’s grievances.

The Travelling Tailor!
“It started with me and my dad”, says Akshay Narvekar (31), the Mumbai-based owner of the company. “It is a great hobby of ours to customise shirts, down to the collar and buttons. It was when people started noticing our clothes and complimenting us that I got thinking.” He recalls how friends would often ask where they could get a similar shirt, and this drove home the obvious. “However, while everyone loved the idea of customising their shirts, many weren’t as willing to invest so much effort into obtaining the materials. That’s how I came up with the Travelling Tailor,” he adds.

Narvekar, an MBA graduate, had worked in fashion for five years in the US before coming to India and entering the field of private equity. “I began this company out of the desire to do something entrepreneurial for myself.”

How it works
Light pink walls, a spacious environment with an airy feel, the BSC office in Lower Parel displays an effortless, relaxing atmosphere — the very sort that they hope to bring to their customers.

When we dropped by, Narvekar gave us the inside scoop on how the perfect shirt can be made.

“Customers register for an appointment with a tailor through the company website. Subsequently, on the appointed day the Travelling Tailor will land up on your doorstep, ready to measure you and help you design your own shirt. When we are confident that the customer is satisfied with their decision, we place their order with a Mumbai factory house within 24 hours. There, one of the factory tailors will sew the entire shirt, which will only take half a day. But due to high demand, we ask customers to allow a gap of seven working days for delivery, as the shirts aren’t delivered to us, individually,” says Narvekar.

Meeting the man himself
The man with the magical fingers, The Travelling Tailor (who prefers to remain anonymous) shares, “When I go to an appointment, I bring with me a box. This box contains everything that the customer needs to see, such as swatches of different fabrics, buttons, collar samples, etc. We have two levels of swatches — essentials starting at R1,700 and select which are R2,800 onwards. We then select a collar pattern, a desirable cut, and buttons. It doesn’t matter how much or little our customers know, because we can explain it all to them.”

Giving true freedom of choice, he continues, “We can customise shirt cuffs, plackets, pockets, pleats, whatever they choose. As a last precaution, we ask them if they have any other personal requirements… no matter how unusual it is, we do it,” says the Travelling Tailor. And, if your idea does not pan out the way you hoped, it’s not over yet! “Sometimes, our customers ask us to make changes after they get their shirt. It doesn’t matter how many times they ask us, we willingly do it for them, no extra charges included,” says Narvekar.

How to get your shirt
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