Shocked doctors find blossoming flower inside baby's ear canal

Dec 02, 2013, 10:02 IST | ANI

Chinese doctors were left speechless after they discovered a dandelion growing inside a 16-month-old baby girl's ear canal

According to local news reports, Ranran’s parents explained that their daughter had been suffering from a painful ear infection for over 4 months.

They took her to hospital after she began scratching it regularly.

Hatke news, Shocked doctors discover dandelion flower growing inside baby's ear canal, China
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Ranran’s mother said that she could see something inside the ear canal but failed to make out what it was.

It is believed that a seed had lodged in Ranran’s ear canal and had grown to almost 2cm long with the humid conditions in the ear canal encouraging its growth.

The flower was later surgically removed.

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