Shocking, unnerving things happened to Pihu on prom night: Fenil Umrigar

Sep 17, 2013, 10:32 IST | A correspondent

'Bade Acche Lagte Hain' has taken a leap yet again. In the changes that follow, Pihu, essayed by Fenil Umrigar, is now a collegiate. She gets in a candid chat and tells us how she may be the central character of this long-running love story of a middle-aged couple

How does it feel playing Pihu?
I am elated. 'Bade Acche Lagte Hain' is a flagship show and I am super excited to be a part of it. Also with this leap, Pihu becomes the central character so I have a lot to do. Like Pihu, I am a very honest and hardworking person. Let’s hope this stint is a success.

Fenil Umrigar as Pihu in 'Bade Acche Lagte Hain'
Fenil Umrigar as Pihu in 'Bade Acche Lagte Hain'

How did you bag the offer?
I got a call from the production house two months back saying that they had seen footage of 'Best Friends Forever' and wanted me to audition for Pihu. Since I couldn’t go to Mumbai then, I sent her a disc of my audition. I was not very hopeful that I would be selected. But when the person on the other side congratulated me, I was on cloud nine.

How many episodes have you shot till now?
We have only just begun. I did my first shot the day I came to sign my contract. It was with Ram Kapoor and I was super nervous. I even told him so. But he is a sweetheart. He assured me that I would do well. He helped me rehearse my lines with him to make me feel at ease. I had to give quite a few retakes but he was very accommodating. He is a perfectionist.

How was it with Sakshi Tanwar?
She’s always been my role model. She is one of the finest actors in Tellywood. I wish I had 10 per cent of the talent she has. I have shot a couple of scenes with her wherein she is in a coma and I am talking to her. So we haven’t really communicated that much. But she keeps smiling at me whenever she sees me. That’s very warm gesture.

So, is Pihu going to have shades of grey?
She is like any other college girl. Sexy, smart and shrewd. She will continue to be the apple of her parents’ eyes. She loves her parents and siblings and can do anything for her family. But like every teenager, she will also have a slightly grey shade — she is a naughty and arrogant prankster. It is a believable character, someone you will relate to.

Where is the show headed?
We have only been given the script for the first three episodes post the leap. The creative team will decide the rest of the content. As of now, the focus is Ram Kapoor who will has to take care of his three girls. There will be a lot of parenting issues and challenges on display and how he tackles those issues will be the crux.

What about the new twists and turns?
The show is going to be as exciting as before, if not more. There are going to be many twists. In the coming few weeks, the show will unravel what actually happened with Pihu at that prom night. That is going to be shocking and unnerving. We are hoping to garner maximum TRPs post this revelation.

But wasn’t the USP of the show the romance between a middle-aged couple?
Yes. But the show must go on and it can’t be focused on one thing all through. For a soap to thrive, the producers need to look for more angles. Like in 'Kyunki...' the show was only about Tulsi and Mihir to begin with but with time that changed. We saw more issues come to the fore. The same is going to be the case with 'Bade Acche...'. The focus will now be on Ram-Priya’s children and what goes on in their lives.

Way forward...
With Priya in coma and speculations rife that she may leave the show, it’s over to Ram and his daughters. In the coming episodes he will be shown parenting his children as a friend, father and guide. The show will also unveil what really happened with Pihu on prom night.

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