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Sep 03, 2013, 00:50 IST | Kartiki Nitin Lawate

The festive season is set to begin and it will soon be time to dress to the nines and wear complimentary footwear. The Guide spoke to footwear designer Nidhi Bhandari for some handy tips

Footwear designer Nidhi Bhandari advises that if you wear a colourful dress then you should opt for subtle, toned-down footwear so that it can complement the outfit.

“If you wear a bright-coloured dress, sport a beige-coloured shoe or sandal with it. If the top of the dress is light-coloured or toned down, wear colourful shoes with it,” advises Bhandari.

Nidhi Bhandari
Nidhi Bhandari

She adds that people who are tall can also wear heels but they should opt for only half-inch heels or less. “Heels offer a good posture and adds to the way you walk and look,” emphasises Bhandari.

Festive wear for women
> Wear eye-catching shoes.
> Ensure that shoes are comfortable as there might be a lot of running around during this season.
> Slip-on’s are good options and strappy sandals will also look good.
> Open-tie shoes can be worn to show off your pedicured feet.

Festive wear for men
> Mojaris are a good option as are traditional open chappals.
> Closed shoes are a no-no.
> Post-monsoon, wear open shoes so that the feet can breathe. Sandals and flats are recommended.
> For the workplace, pastel shades or black or brown shoes are recommended.

Tips to maintain shoes (for men and women)
> If you are going for an outdoor event, avoid wearing pencil heels, as they might sink in the mud.
> Clean your shoes as soon as you reach home.
> Keep shoes away from water.
> Try to keep the shoes in a cloth bag or keep it wrapped in a cloth.
> Don’t keep shoes one on top of another, as it might spoil the shape.
> Ensure all the shoes are kept in a shoe rack. 

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