Shop and earn good karma

Apr 27, 2012, 07:03 IST | Surekha S

Drop by YB Chavan Centre on Saturday to shop from a range of bags, dresses, kites and plenty more made by kids during March and April.

These kids, who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds spent an entire month learning and researching about different states of our country. After the initial groundwork, these children sat down to make artworks and handicrafts that are representative of that particular state and the result is the exhibition titled Discover India, Discover Yourself.

This event is part of a project called Bhavishya Yaan, which has been undertaken by Vidya, an NGO that deals with the education and empowerment of less privileged children, youth and adults, and the Rotary Club of Mumbai. The project hopes to fast-track the education of regional language municipal school students by aiding them with spoken English and computer skills, as well as life skills. Spare some time to lend your support for a worthy cause.

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