Shops that pop up

Mar 03, 2013, 08:32 IST | Phorum Dalal

Ten pop-up shops will help you loosen your purse strings at Blue Frog tomorrow

Blue Frog first attempted a pop-up event last October, and tomorrow, it will host its fifth. “Pop-up shops are a lot of fun, for they are exclusive for that particular day, and are set up again only at another venue, at another time,” organiser and one of the participants at the event, Rachel Wawn, who works for Mary Clan, a home and rehabilitation centre for destitute alcoholics, explains.

Around 10 NGOs will display their products, the proceeds of which will go to a charity

They make waterproof baby bibs and change mats, drawstring bags and kids aprons, and yes, these products are on sale. Around 10 NGOs will put up shops of their products and all the proceeds will go for the good work. “While some of the participating NGOs, such as 40 Red Bangles provide livelhood to Rajasthani craftsmen and pay them on par with the present rate, The Bombay Paperie is dedicated to the revival of handmade paper making in India,” adds Wawn.

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