Short circuit in electric pole chars 5 parked cars in Sion

Apr 17, 2013, 06:22 IST | A Correspondent

The cars were parked on the road because of renovation work in the building of their owners

As more cars are parked on the roads due to a space crunch in societies, Sion saw an incident on Tuesday that could shake up car owners. Five cars parked near an electric pole were charred after a short circuit took place in the pole on Tuesday. The cars belonged to residents of Sanjeev Apartment on NS Mankikar Road.

Some of the cars burnt at Mankikar Marg, Sion. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi

The five cars which got burnt were a Maruti Alto (MH-43-AL-8260), a Hyundai Santro (MH-31-MA-6920), a Hyundai I 10 (MH-01-H-5609), a Maruti SX 4 (MH-01-AE-4734) and a Maruti Swift (MH-02-BD-3972).

Senior police inspector Baburao Gavit from Sion police station said, “The residents of Sanjeev Apartment had parked their cars on the roadside because of renovation work in their society. Nowadays more cars are parked outside on the roads because of a space crunch in building societies.”

He added, “The incident took place between 3 am and 3.30 am on Tuesday. The spot is next to the railway track and is separated from the tracks only by a wall.” According to police officials, the closest car to the pole was the Maruti SX 4 (MH-01-AE-4734), which had a loose wire and hence got burnt due to the short circuit resulting in 70% of the car burning.

Gavit added, “Luckily, there wasn’t an explosion. The bodies of two cars were 70% burnt while another two were burnt 30% while the fifth car was burnt 20%.” He added, “The whole episode has been recorded as an incident in our station diary and nobody has been injured or booked.” 

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