Shot in the dark: This curly-haired actress threw tantrums over a mosquito bite

Mar 05, 2013, 08:34 IST | Sujata Chakrabarti

This one is perhaps pushing the limits when it comes to stars throwing tantrums!

A curly-haired leading lady, often tagged as Bollywood’s fashion chameleon, recently threw a fit after getting attacked by an unlikely predator.

Shot in the dark

The actress dropped in at a suburban studio to dub for her upcoming film. Unfortunately, waiting in the shadows for her was a mosquito. And as soon as the bechaara insect stole a bite on her rosy cheeks, our madam flew into a rage.

The producer of the film had to be dialled up and updated about the incident. Apparently, the actress conveyed to the filmmaker loud and clear that she would never set foot into this studio again.

The poor producer had no choice but to cancel the deal with the studio and book another one. Bechaara mosquito had to beat a hasty retreat too. 

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