Shot in the dark: Curvy heroine's mom is getting on the director's nerves

Mar 18, 2013, 08:57 IST | The Hitlist Team

A bitchy birdie from Juhu has some real gossip on a certain actress' mummyji

A certain curvy A-list heroine’s mom is apparently getting on the nerves of directors, interfering in the way they call the shots. The mom in question also accompanies her betiji wherever she goes and personally even watches all her shots later to give her opinion on which ones the director should use.

A source from the sets says, “Mummyji doesn’t want her daughter to look fat on the screen. But that doesn’t stop her from stuffing buttered aloo parathas into her mouth in between breaks. She also tells her daughter how she should stick around A-list actors to increase her chances of getting signed opposite them.”

And set insiders say this has ticked off the directors and the crew so much that now they can’t stand mummyji even for a second. A seething unit member recalls mummyji instructing them, “Beta yeh shot mat use karma. Isme meri beti thodi chubby dikh rahi hai!” Food for thought, anyone?

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