Shot in dark: This star berated his son for being too clumsy in public

Aug 09, 2013, 08:30 IST | The Hitlist Team

Unit hands were shocked to see how a leading star behaved with his grown up son on the sets of a shoot

The strapping young lad, who too is learning the ropes of filmmaking, apparently stumbled on the sets. Far from extending a helping hand to his beta, the star dad berated him for being “too clumsy and falling all over the place.”

Says an onlooker, “The actor gave the son an earful in full view of the unit folk. They were taken aback to see the actor in this avatar. The poor lad had only accidentally tripped on the sets but after seeing the reaction that it evoked from his father, he made sure to tread cautiously on the sets.

The unit folk now look at the star in new light. Not many know his angry side. Adds the source, “There is a difference between a father chiding his son for a folly and a father humiliating him in public view.

The star certainly displayed the latter. Interestingly, the star is known to mull over every detail in great depth but could just not digest his son’s small mistake. May be if he had deliberated over what made his son fall, his angry bird image would not be on display. Tch, tch. He certainly lost some fans that day on the sets.

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