Shot in the dark: A convenient love between these actors

Sep 05, 2014, 08:33 IST | The Hitlist Team

The special bond between a TV actor and a yesteryear Bollywood actress has set tongues wagging 

This telly actor, who is also in the business of selling ice lollies, considers himself to be a cool dude despite a not-so-happening career. He’s currently doing a cameo in a popular show. He featured in a Bollywood flick last year that proved to be a dud. He is seeing a telly actress, a partner in his business venture.

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark 

Though there is intermittent buzz about their sometimes on, sometimes off relationship, the actor apparently has a thing for a yesteryear film actress whose daughters could not kickstart their Bollywood careers. Since his on/off girlfriend is known to be bisexual, he is said to be on his own trip too.

When his girlfriend was away from him due to her appearance in a reality show, he would regularly meet this yesteryear actress at her farmhouse in the outskirts of Mumbai where she usually stays.

Recently, there was buzz that a well-known filmmaker was keen to cast her in his project starring A-list stars, but she is said to be not too keen on a comeback, as she has made some wise investments. Instead, she is content with rustling up special meals for her toy boy whenever he drops in. Interestingly, the TV actor’s girlfriend is aware of this special friendship, but she is too caught up with her career and the other loves of her life.

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