Shot in the dark: Actor's driver calls his actress girlfriend 'bhabhi' in public

Jun 06, 2016, 18:35 IST | The Hitlist Team

This B-Town couple might be tight-lipped about its relationship, but their staff isn't. Here's what happened...

They have been dating for over three years, but haven’t publicly admitted to their relationship so far. Off and on, there is buzz about trouble in paradise, especially with their respective projects keeping them far from each other, but the actor couple has managed to keep the romance alive.

The actress had been shooting overseas and was unable to take time out for her beau, which left him upset and annoyed. After a brief lovers’ tiff, the actor decided to patch up with his sweetheart. When she again flew out of the country recently to wrap up an assignment, he made special arrangements for her welcome.

A source says, “The actress’ staff was not available to receive her at the airport when she returned to the city, so her beau decided to send his own car to pick her up. As soon as his chauffeur spotted her walking out of the arrival gate, he called out to her. Onlookers were amused since he had addressed her as ‘bhabhi’. The actress looked a bit embarrassed and quickly sat in the car and zoomed off.”

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