Shot in the dark: Bad press led to this leading Bollywood actress losing out on a major endorsement deal

Jun 25, 2016, 11:01 IST | The Hitlist Team

Top actress loses out on deal with an international jewellery brand after getting a bad press

A well-known international jewellery brand, which is venturing into the Indian market, was recently scouting for a leading Bollywood actress to be the face of their campaign here. The brand has a leading Hollywood actress endorsing them in the West.

Shot in the dark

After conducting a market research, they zeroed in on a top B-Town girl based on her popularity and acting prowess. In the recent past, the actress in question bagged acting honours, after which a host of endorsements landed in her lap. And with this bauble brand too, the deal was almost finalised when the actress found herself in an awkward situation that rocked her personal life.

Realising that the actress was hitting the headlines for reasons other than her work, the company officials did a rethink. They felt signing her as their brand ambassador would dilute the effect as she was only being spoken about for all the wrong reasons. They then decided to sign another actress known for her porcelain looks and sensitive performances. With this, she has added one more to the several deals in her kitty, especially beauty brands. She recently shot for one of their print campaigns with the sparklers at an overseas location.

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