Shot in the dark: My way or the highway

Jan 23, 2014, 09:13 IST | The Hitlist team

Unhappy with the dialogues for one of his scenes, this superstar had them rewritten

He’s a superstar who is known to be picky and during the Dubai schedule of his upcoming film, he reinforced this reputation. Not convinced with the dialogues for a particular scene, he refused to mouth the same. Left with no option, the filmmaker then asked the dialogue writer to rewrite lines for the scene.

Says a source, “The actor was appalled by the dialogues he had been asked to deliver. Taking one look at them, he said matter-of-factly that he wouldn’t utter these lines in the film. All this while, the director remained a silent spectator, giving in to the actor’s demands that the lines be reworked.”

“He has every right to voice his opinion as this film is also his baby. The director and the actor are extremely cordial with each other now,” added the source.

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