Shot in the dark: Nipping ambition in the bud

Jun 17, 2014, 08:37 IST | The Hitlist Team

When her staff member asked to be made a business partner, this actress decided to let her go

This actress has managed to stay in the news for both personal and professional reasons. The latest news has it that she is now venturing into film production and that she has apparently had a falling out with one of the oldest members of her team.

Shot in the dark

A source says, "This team member has worked for the actress since many years now. So it was surprising to see them go their separate ways all of a sudden. The actress doesn't want to give out the reason behind the split, but it seems that it happened due to her team member’s controlling streak."

Just a few months ago, the two of them were showering praises on one another, but now things seems to have changed as they are keeping a safe distance from each other.

"Some of the actress' close associates are still unaware about what went wrong between the two. But it is said that this woman had expressed her desire to be a partner in the actress' production house. The actress didn’t expect this; besides, she didn't approve of her interference. Initially, the actress tried to sort out the issue amicably, but when this didn’t work, they had an argument and they then went their separate ways."

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