Shot in the dark: South actor's wife becomes wise to his affair with another actress

Aug 16, 2014, 07:31 IST | The Hitlist Team

This much-married actor from the South film industry was recently caught red-handed with another actress 

This actor is a known name in the South film industry and has also made his debut in Bollywood. He is known for his austerity, which is all the more reason why it was shocking to see him get cosy with one of his co-stars on a film set. A source says, “This much-married actor became friendly with his co-star in no time. On many occasions, they have been spotted hanging out together on the sets of their film, and even today, they continue to be in touch with each other. Recently, his wife heard about his affair, after which she decided to pay a surprise visit to him on another film’s set. As it turns out, she did catch them red-handed and it lent credence to the rumours she had heard.”

Shot in the dark

Incidentally, this young co-star also belongs to a film family and she has been linked to quite a few actors in the past. “Now the actor’s wife has warned him to stay away from his co-star, but it looks like he has worked around things. It is now being said that though he has maintained a distance from the co-star he was seeing, he is now romantically involved with another starlet. He has apparently become overfriendly with her and has been showering extra attention on her on the sets of his new film. This starlet is new to the industry, which explains why she has decided to keep mum about it all.”

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