Shot in the dark: These actresses are being too 'friendly' to each other

Published: Dec 05, 2013, 08:18 IST | The Hitlist Team |

In B-Town, rarely do two leading actresses see eye-to-eye. When not trying to angle for a role opposite the leading male stars, they try to grab endorsements keeping in mind who gets a larger share of the pie (read: moolah).

Or else, letting everyone know who is on top of the heap.

So it was strange when these two leading actresses suddenly started being cordial to each other earlier this year. They would be spotted hugging at events and bonding like BFFs -- especially when shutterbugs were around.

Showering praises
What took everyone by surprise was when they started singing each other’s praises. So onlookers felt their friendship was not as fake as their smiles.

All this, however, seemed to have changed now as one of the said actresses has zoomed ahead of the other. Feeling a tad left out, the suddenly-left-behind actress has put her PR machinery in an overdrive to make everyone aware of her recent accomplishments, who she has been hobnobbing with and who has been praising her.

She has even been splurging herself on fancy buys to make everyone around aware that she is still in the reckoning and can afford what not many own in Bollywood. It is clear that she is feeling the heat and the so-called friendship was actually just a front as long as it was convenient and the other actress was not posing a threat.

Box office collections
While the one who has catapulted ahead has preferred to let her performances do the talking as well as the box office figures for her recent releases, the friend too has been harping about the collection of her last film. She has even been telling her pals to shower praises to make everyone aware of it.

We hear this has irked the ‘successful’ actress a bit and she is still trying to figure out if she should appear as friendly as she did when she meets the frenemy next time. We are waiting too. Their body language will definitely be something to write about. 

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