Shot in the dark: These B-Town childhood sweethearts are heading for a divorce

Sep 18, 2013, 09:25 IST | Jigar Shah

Theirs was a fairytale love story that started when the two were teenagers. Both belonged to illustrious Bollywood families and their match was seen as one that was made in heaven

If rumors are to be believed, the childhood sweethearts are now headed for a divorce. Trouble was sensed in paradise when buzz about the actor’s interests outside started making the rounds.

His wife took it in her stride and started hobnobbing with other star spouses in the industry. Says a source, “Their acrimony has reached such a point that the two simply don’t care about each other. A while ago, the star’s wife even moved out of their home and was staying with her parents. 

However, the actor’s upcoming film is set for release soon and all things unpleasant have been shoved under the carpet for the time being. As soon as his film hits the marquee, they will make their split official.” Yet another seemingly-perfect marriage in Bollywood is set to meet an untimely end. 

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