Shot in the dark: This actor-director gets in high spirits

Jun 02, 2014, 08:45 IST | The Hitlist Team

The actor–director is known to get extra-friendly with women after a few drinks

He is an actor-turned-director who belongs to a known filmi family. He has not had a great career in films, but his personal life seems to be catching everyone’s attention.

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark

The much-married filmmaker is apparently a ladies’ man, especially after he has had a drink too many.

A source says, “He doesn’t attend too many parties but when he does go for one, he is known to get high. After a few drinks, he tends to get friendly with actresses. In the past, he has been seen leaving parties with different women. Once in the span of half an hour, he approached a dusky actress and asked her to come along with him and after his return, he chose to walk out with another actress.”

He is known to give these women work in his films or recommend them to other filmmakers as well.

The source adds, “Recently, an upcoming actress got friendly with him and she started spending lot of time with him. Thanks to her proximity with him, she bagged a prestigious project and she travelled with him to various cities. She doesn’t belong to a filmi family and doesn’t boast of such a clout, so she has been trying to win favour with him.

The source continues, “When she hosted a party recently, she personally called up all his family members to invite them over for the bash. Not surprisingly, Bollywood is now busy talking about this need-based liaison.”

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