Shot in the dark: This actor does not want to meet his frenemy

Feb 06, 2015, 08:22 IST | The Hitlist Team

This upcoming actor thanked his lucky stars when a possible meeting with his senior-cum-frenemy Bollywood star did not materialise

This upcoming actor has worked with a star in just one project, but they successfully put up a 'best friends forever' façade, belying the fact that they cannot stand each other. Industry insiders say the duo had a major fallout over a starlet while working for the film almost two years ago. So, the prospect of coming face-to-face with his senior recently made the actor uncomfortable.

Shot in the dark: This actor does not want to meet his frenemy

Says a source, "The star has been desperately trying to visit his ladylove — who features with his friend-turned-foe in her next film — on the sets. They have been apart for quite some time now and with rumours about the younger actor getting along a little too well with the actress, he was all the more keen on paying her a visit. So, when the actor got to know about his senior's plans, he got a bit upset."

However, eventually, the star could not make it, much to the relief of the upcoming actor. "The latter heaved a sigh of relief that the meeting did not happen. On the other hand, the senior actor asked his ladylove to visit him at his shooting location after her schedule was wrapped up. All in all, it ended well for everyone," the source adds.

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