Shot in the dark: This actress is jealous of her contemporary's success

Jul 04, 2016, 18:40 IST | The Hitlist Team

This young actress is trying hard to bag projects similar to the ones coming her contemporary's way

She has been part of a few Rs 100-crore films, but not really managed to earn critical acclaim for any of her performances so far. But what’s actually bothering her is the phenomenal growth of a fellow actress, who has been doing films of diverse genres. Never mind that some of them didn’t set the cash registers ringing, this girl has been sweeping critics off their feet with her fine acting chops and is, clearly, on a roll.

So, now, this young actress, who has been keeping tabs on her contemporary’s achievements, is trying hard to pull the rights strings in the industry and get projects similar to what the other one has been doing and winning appreciation.

A source says, “She has been trying to get some meaningful roles, but they are definitely not coming her way. She has not yet been offered any film where she could show off her acting skills. That is making her nervous. If that wasn’t enough, her contemporary’s steady rise is making her insecure.”

Recently, when her fellow actress garnered critical appreciation for her character, she felt all the more jealous but determined to bag intense films. Another source says, “Both of the girls belong to film families, but they are definitely not at par in the industry. One is shining with each and every film while the other is just getting big banner projects minus great roles. So, the latter has asked her team to cast the net wide and bring her films like the ones landing on the other actress’ lap. She has also been sending feelers to big filmmakers in the hope of getting serious roles so that the industry take notice of her acting skills.”

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