Shot in the dark: This actress is upset for not being invited to a party

Jan 09, 2015, 08:25 IST | The Hitlist Team

Why has this A-list actress been left out of a happening Bollywood party where top guns of the industry have been invited?

Bollywood stars are expected to turn up in full force for a big bash in town. But we wonder why a top notch actress does not figure on the guest list.

Shot in the dark

A source says, "She was eager to attend the bash as the entire industry is expected to be there. She has also been asking around about the people who have been invited. After waiting for a formal invite, which did not reach her till the last minute, she decided to contact the host. In fact, she has been sending feelers, hinting about her desire to be included in the party."

The host, we have learnt, has expressed helplessness for striking her off the guest list. The source states, "The actress has been told there is nothing personal about it and that there were certain other reasons why she was not invited. Maybe, it was more of a diplomatic call. The actress, no doubt, is upset."

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