Shot in the dark: This Bollywood couple opted for an abortion recently

Jun 07, 2016, 11:10 IST | The Hitlist Team

Despite raging speculation, this actress is in no hurry to add another member to her family

Whispers of this married actress being in the family way have been doing the rounds for quite some time with her demeanour at a recent event catching the eye of the rumour mills. However, reliable sources in the industry say that there is no truth to the pregnancy buzz.

A source says, “People have been talking about how her mommy to-be glow. But, she is not pregnant. She is currently keeping herself busy with film projects and has had some good offers coming her way. So, this beautiful actress is not really willing to take a break from work at the moment for an additional responsibility at the moment. In fact, that’s what she has been explaining to her friends.”

Apparently, the actress’ husband respects her decision to not have a child now. Another source says, “He has always supported her in all her decisions, be it a personal or professional move. When she conceived recently, the couple even opted for an abortion because she was getting good film offers and did not want to sacrifice that.”

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