Shot in the dark: This filmmaker has been gossiping about this actress

Aug 21, 2014, 08:37 IST | The Hitlist Team

This filmmaker has been saying nasty things about a young promising actress 

If sources are to be believed, this leading Bollywood filmmaker has been saying not so nice things about a young actress who recently delivered back-to-back hits. In fact, her last two films have gone on to rake in Rs 100 crore. Says a source, “This filmmaker is not happy with the actress’ performance and he has been gossiping about her and the team she’s been working with.”

Shot in the dark
Shot in the dark

Incidentally, he owns a big production house and has launched many new faces. “He has been pointing out how this actress doesn’t care about the brands she’s associated with. He has also been saying that his company takes good care of the faces that they launch and that things would have been much better for this young actress if she was associated with his production house,” says the source.

This producer-director believes that the actress needs to pull up her socks and take charge with regards to the brands she has been signing on. “He feels that she should be calling the shots herself as opposed to blindly relying on her team,” says the source.

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