Shot in the dark: This fit actor and actress want to shed more weight

Jun 07, 2014, 08:44 IST | The Hitlist Team

This actor and actress recently opted for a quick fix weight loss treatment at a high-end suburban clinic

Actors and actresses going under the knife may not be new in Bollywood but when some of the fittest names in the industry decide to shed some more weight, it’s bound to raise eyebrows. It turns out that a leading actor, who is currently working on the sequel of a comic caper, has been frequenting a clinic in order to avail of its quick weight loss treatment.

Says a source, “This cosmetic clinic is located in a western suburb and it’s known to cater to famous clients. This actor is said to be a regular at this place. He takes an appointment only when there aren’t too many visitors around.”

The source adds that this apart, a popular actress, who is also quite fit, has been frequenting the place. “She is a client at the same clinic. Though she looks healthy and has a good body, she has been looking to lose some more weight.

Accordingly, she opted to undergo a weight loss treatment before starting work on her new film.”

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