Shot in the dark: This married Bollywood star is smitten by an actress

Jul 05, 2016, 17:15 IST | The Hitlist Team

The star who is looking for more opportunities to be paired opposite a former co-star

They got on like a house on fire during the shoot of their last film, which hit theatres earlier this year, and continue to be in touch. The actress is currently busy with an international project, but makes sure that she speaks to the married actor regularly. The man in question seems to be so smitten by her that he has been asking a few of his filmmaker-friends to cast them together.

An industry insider says, “The actor wants to work with her in more films so that they can spend time together. He is not only besotted with her, but also possessive about her. And she’s enjoying all the attention showered on her.”

This charming actor has been linked to most of his heroines in the past too, but this time, it looks like this girl has swept him off his feet.

“A few weeks ago, he landed up at a filmmaker-friend’s office and requested him to cast them in his next. Since the filmmaker has known the actor for many years, he agreed to the proposal. However, it was just an oral commitment. Nothing is official,” adds the source.

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