Shot in the dark: Too close for comfort

May 28, 2014, 08:20 IST | The Hitlist Team

This actress has been trying to cosy up to filmmakers in a bid to bag acting offers

She made her acting debut two years ago, and is apparently dating a producer-director who is already married to an actress. It is also said that the young actress made her debut in this much-married filmmaker’s venture due to her affair with him.

Shot in the dark

In fact, the actress has recently signed a three-film deal with the same producer. But interestingly, it has emerged that this young name has also been trying to get overfriendly with other men in the industry.

The actress recently bumped into two directors and it seems that she then called them up and spoke to them at length.

A source says, “After two-three days, the actress called up these filmmakers and she began to get overfriendly with them. Apparently, she pursued these filmmakers asking them to meet her for coffee. It was clear that she was trying to charm these men.

She may have signed a three-film deal with the producer who gave her a break in films, but looks like she is also desperate to get some work outside this banner. This is why she has been eagerly calling up other filmmakers and trying to send feelers about wanting to work with them,” says the source.

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