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Jan 07, 2013, 12:36 IST | Swapnal Tilekar

As the season gets chilly, along with humans our dear pets also need care. The Guide put together some pet care tips for this season

If you have brought home a new pet, make sure that you have complete information about how to care of the pet. For this, you can talk to a veterinarian or a pet-shop owner.

One way to help your pet deal with the winter is to make sure he gets used to the changing climate. Right from the start of the season, take him out for a nice walk in the morning, so that he can get used to it. Usually, pets are stronger than humans but they can also fall sick during adverse climatic conditions. Hence, in the beginning of the winter, make sure that they visit the vet to ensure they are healthy and happy.

Pets like cats and dogs like to curl up during winter to stay warm. So, there is a possibility that they can go near engines and fire to protect themselves from the cold. Be watchful in such cases, as there is a possibility that they may get hurt, unknowingly.

The food and water served to your pets should not be too cold either. Also make sure the food contains all the nutritional elements that are needed during the season.

Also old pets face afflictions similar to older human beings, as their bones go stiff and weak. Keep such pets inside the house as much as possible. Do not skip their baths. Instead make them have a bath with warm water and a soothing pet shampoo.

You must also pamper them this season as they are also a part of the family and deserve as much love and affection as any other family member.

Pet expert Neha Nageshkar says, “Pets like to be kept warm and they want a pleasant area to sleep in. They usually don’t like big places but prefer smaller areas. Hence, during winters they like to sit on cardboard boxes and blankets, and some pets like to wear body coats to protect themselves from the cold.” 

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