Showman King Khan steals the show at a media interaction

Jun 01, 2012, 08:50 IST | The Hitlist Team

Shah Rukh Khan was in his elements for his media interaction following his team's success at the IPL


Media folk were amused to see SRK showcasing two cups — one, the trophy that contained chocolates and the other, a bowl with pungent smelling mint. A chocolate was meant as a brownie point for a positive question and a mint for a negative question.

The person who received a number of mints asked SRK if he would ever want to do a TV show like Aamir.

To make sure everyone heard his voice, the star, at one point, even got his personal microphone system out.

Before the press conference started, wife Gauri Khan came to the lobby area where event was going to be held. But the moment she saw the assembled crowd, she did a 360-degree turn and fled.

He even had sweet words for fellow team owners like Preity Zinta and Gayatri Reddy who cheer their respective teams even after a loss, unlike the star himself.

Contrary to his bedraggled look during the IPL season, the actor sported his usual clean and suave appearance. SRK joked, “Since I had been travelling so much over the past few days, I finally decided to take a proper bath. In fact, I can even imagine a TV channel saying aloud, ‘Shah Rukh teen din se nahaye nahin’!” 

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