Showtime for Kader

Apr 30, 2012, 07:43 IST | Deepali Dhingra

For someone who made his journey from the slums of Kamathipura to the pinnacles of success in Hindi cinema, Kader Khan's achievements are too many to recount.

No wonder then, that the actor believes in karma and destiny. “It is destiny, otherwise what did I know about acting?” he asks. Back in showbiz after a long break with a couple of plays, Kader shares his future plans with CS:

Pic/ Rane Ashish

Who: Kader Khan; What: Talking about his return to showbiz, Where: At his Santa Cruz residence

It’s playtime folks!
The plays are for my sons. They have been working for quite some time in the field of films and theatre, but have never sought any publicity. Today’s times are different. Hard work is still needed but now people should know what you’re doing. They have been doing plays for many years but now they’re doing it with me. It’s the ‘working together’ that matters.

Comeback trail
I went away from the world of cinema on my own. When colleagues like Manmohan Desai and Prakash Mehra passed away, I felt like I had lost my parents. They were the ones who had taught me the art of acting. I felt orphaned without their presence in my life. I have never worked for money. I was passionate about acting. So when I didn’t have people around me who loved me, or the ones I loved, I went away from Hindi films. If people are saying this is my comeback, then let’s see if I have really come back or not. The audience will decide, because now I will have to prove myself again. This was not a planned move, just like my life which has always taken its own path.

Showbiz, once more!
I will do films. I want to act and direct. There are two stories that I have written. One of those is autobiographical in nature. It is about an image. When a man becomes an actor, it is because of his image on the screen. If he does something bad with the world, then that image rebels against him and it’s the image that brings him back on the right path.

Kal, aaj aur kal
Although there are many colleagues of mine who are no more or I have lost touch with, I’m grateful that so many of them have stayed in touch with me over the years. Amitabh Bachchan is one and Govinda another. And Shakti Kapoor? If I make a film, then he will be a part of it.  

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