Baggage woes! Shraddha Kapoor and Neha Kakkar's luggage swapped at Mumbai airport

Jun 23, 2016, 08:18 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Shraddha Kapoor and Neha Kakkar's luggage got mixed up and reached each other's houses

Neha Kakkar had rendered the track, Let’s Talk About Love, in Shraddha Kapoor’s recent release, Baaghi. Perhaps, now they need to say, ‘Let’s Talk About Our Mixed Up Bags’.

Shraddha Kapoor and  Neha Kakkar
Shraddha Kapoor and Neha Kakkar

Checking in identical suitcases — same brand, same colour — on a flight led Shraddha to mix up her luggage with Neha recently. The London Thumakda singer’s bag made its way to Shraddha’s place while the star’s bag landed up at her home. The two were recently travelling on the same flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

Says a source, “When the flight landed in Mumbai, Neha’s aide picked up her bag from the conveyor belt while one of Shraddha’s staff members took care of her luggage. The two were unaware that their baggage had been swapped.”

Adds the source, “When Neha reached her place, she tried to open the bag, but the combination lock did not work. Since she was tired after her stage show and subsequent travel, she let the bag be and caught up on some rest. Later in the day, the airlines called Neha’s manager saying there had been a baggage mix-up.”

It is learnt that when the bag reached Shraddha’s place, the actress realised that one of the stickers had Neha’s name. Since the duo had exchanged pleasantries on the flight, Shraddha guessed that it was her bag. After the airlines’ call, Shraddha sent one of her staff members to Neha’s home to pick up her bag.

The two remained unavailable for comment.

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