Shreyas Talpade talks about his evolution as an actor

Jun 27, 2012, 08:56 IST | Gauri Pradhan

Shreyas keeps coming back and tickling our funny bone time and again. And he has never gone back home without any appreciation

He talks to CS about his evolution from an actor who started with a serious role to someone who has been doing a lot of comedy lately:

Who: Shreyas
What: His evolution as an actor
Where: At his office in Andheri

The obvious reason why I haven’t done action is that I am not yet perceived as an action hero who would do stylised or raw action. Because I started with a film like Iqbal, then went on to do Dor, then Om Shanti Om and then some comedies, I never got caught up in any image as such. I did my serious stuff as well as comedy and characters. And then people started liking me in comic roles. So it’s a matter of time when someone visualises me as an action hero and changes peoples’ perceptions. Because then as an actor, it will be my responsibility to change even my physical appearance if need be. I am certainly getting some offers for action films.

Comedy v/s serious cinema
When you are doing a comedy, you wake up in the morning and feel nice about it. You think, “Chalo aaj main comedy karunga aur agle do mahiney bhi yehi karunga.” Comedy is a little more relaxing compared to serious stuff. Though, it is very challenging and probably the most difficult to pull off because you can’t cheat laughter. People will laugh only if they feel like it. To make someone laugh, you need to do it very seriously. But serious acting is
emotionally more draining. And then I tend to think so much about it that even my dreams are about that. I will prefer comedy in terms of relaxation, but you have to keep doing both to have more fun.

Not into aping
I know I am not SRK; I am not good looking. So I know my limitations. If I try to copy someone, it just won’t work because they are already there and are doing it too. So I must do something different. I like to retain my individuality in a role. Today, unless you think out of the box, people won’t really notice you. When one starts off, everyone wants to be like SRK or Big B. It’s only after a point that you realise that they are where they are, because they had that kind of a persona. If I try to do that, I will look like a fool, a wannabe guy.

Being Me
I think I am the underdog who will triumph one day. I would always want people to go for my films with absolutely no expectations. And then I would want to surprise them. Certain people have everything laid out on a platter, while certain people have to keep performing every time. I am the second type. I am liked every time for a different quality in me. I can’t be complacent and say, ‘Acting toh main kar hi leta hoon, kar hi loonga.’ No! Every small character is as important as a full-fledged role and you have to be there and give your 100 per cent to it.  

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