Shy poets' society at open mic gig

Jun 04, 2016, 12:22 IST | Dipanjan Sinha

With a chance of reciting poetry in the dark, Blind Poetry, rescues stage-shy poets

Is there a poet in you? No? Have you looked hard? Let’s rephrase this — Is there a poet buried within you who died never being able to overcome the anxiety of baring the words from the tunnels of your soul to an audience? Rings a bell, perhaps.

To save this generation of poets from the mass executors of nervousness and fear, two young girls have come up with the idea of an innovative event, Blind Poetry, where people recite without being seen.

Shruti Ghosh, Enkore/Pic courtesy Kedar Amburle and Rochelle D’Silva
Shruti Ghosh, Enkore/Pic courtesy Kedar Amburle and Rochelle D’Silva

Poets and Class 12 students Aranya Johar and Prachee Mashru decided about the format on realising that all poetry formats in the city are almost the same. “Blind Poetry allows a poet to recite personal poems with the security of anonymity and the comfort of the dark. You could dress up like Lady Gaga and still perform simplistic poems, because that’s the gift darkness gives you,” Johar sreasons. She explains that darkness and anonymity frees a poet in many ways. “A lot of young and new-to-the-scene poets told us about how they were apprehensive to perform alongside established and experienced poets as their pieces are more easily accepted. Another bonus was the idea that poets could perform personal pieces with the security of not revealing their names. Also, since its a dark room the audience will not judge the poet on how they are dressed or look and will only make their judgment based on their poetry,” she explains.

Apart from those reciting in darkness there would be some known faces participating too. Shruti Ghosh, a 17-year old poet and rapper Enkore would also perform. The response from people, Johar says, has been exciting till now on social media and from those eager to register. “Another aspect causing a stir is the addition of glow sticks which the audience has to wave in the air to show appreciation of a certain line or phrase,” she says.

On: June 17, 7pm
At: The Hive, 50-A, Huma Mansion, next to Ahmed Bakery, Chuim Village Road, off Union Park, Khar (W)
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