Sidhartha Mallya snapped by LA-based photographer

Aug 29, 2012, 08:52 IST | Kunal M Shah

On one of his many trips abroad, Sidhartha Mallya had a rather interesting experience. He was approached by a photographer out of the blue, for a photo shoot

Only after the shoot was over, did Sidhartha realise that the man was none other than LA-based shutterbug Collin Stark, known for his photographs of several Hollywood stars.

Sidhartha Mallya

Our source says, “Sid was in LA at a popular coffee joint with a group of his friends. Stark apparently found Sid’s look quite interesting and international. Sid, who was caught off guard, humbly agreed to shoot with him. He was quite shocked but took Collin’s request as a compliment. After the photographer left, his friends told him who Collin was.” “Collin even compared a few of Sidhartha’s looks to Tom Cruise from his Top Gun days,” adds the source. Now, that’s some compliment!

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