Sikhs raise USD 400k to fight bigotry in the US

Feb 27, 2016, 09:11 IST | Agencies

Often the target of hate crimes, the community will spread awareness about their religion amongst Americans

Washington: Sikhs in the US state of California have raised a record $400,000 (R2.74 crore) for a national media campaign to generate awareness among Americans about their religion in the backdrop of increasing hate crimes against the community.

This is the first time, Sikhs have raised this amount of money to spread the awareness about their faith in America. Previous record is of $90,000 in National Sikh Campaign’s Los Angeles Gala last year.

At a fund raising gala in San Francisco Bay Area, television advertisements created by AKPD, former President Obama’s campaign media team, were unveiled, a statement said. “This is a historic moment in the history of the Sikh community in America. Never before have we had the opportunity to tell our story to our fellow Americans around the country and that time has come now,” said Kaval Kaur, national charter member of NSC and host of the event.

There have been a number of incidents of attacks and discrimination against Sikhs in the US.

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