Singapore pub chain Harry's opens at Powai

Oct 14, 2013, 10:10 IST | Dhara Vora

Singapore-based pub chain, Harry's, has opened its first outpost at Powai with a heady alcohol menu but the food needs a little boost

Of late, Mumbai has opened its arms to several international restaurant chains. And making an Indian entry this month is another big name, Singapore-based pub chain, Harry’s.

We were told that it has iconic status in Singapore and hence, headed to the place with great expectations topped with relief. The fact that it was located at
a spot closer home brought great joy.

Harry’s Jazz Burger deserved an encore if we weren’t full. Pics/Datta Kumbhar

The location seemed perfect and the bar was full at 8.30 pm on a Wednesday evening. Some corporate-wear clad women seemed tipple-ish already. The high spirits of the place was engaging, quite opposite to the band Fool’s Garden lyrics ‘Sitting here in a boring room’, playing in the background.

Our upbeat mood got a further lift with a glimpse at the exhaustive alcohol menu — a list of international beers, interesting cocktails, wines and yummy-sounding mocktails — we were sold. We quickly ordered a Dirty Harry (`229, all prices exclusive of taxes) and a Caramel Popcorn Martini (`229). For an accompaniment, we picked Singapore Chicken Lollypops (`189) and Wasabi Paneer (`259). Dirty Harry was rather pretty with its mint vodka and ice mixed with sugar topped with litchi. An expert mix, popcorn-topped Martini satiated our sweet tooth and called for a second as it wasn’t really potent albeit tasty.

The corporate junta from the area seemed to find solace at Harry’s

The Lollypops were your regular, Manchurian-style beer food and will make for a good option if you are ordering a pitcher. However, our good innings didn’t last long as the Wasabi Paneer bowled us over, in the wrong way. Except for the drizzle of wasabi, the paneer cubes scored zero on flavour and ruined our palate. We hoped that Harry’s Jazz Burger (`249) and Mushroom Panini Melt (`219) will keep up their good points as the night matured. If you are wondering about the Panini, it’s not worth writing about. It was the Burger that brought some Jazz back in our lives and how! A layer of vegetable slices topped with an omelette, a sizeable patty and bacon strips made this burger put the Wasabi Paneer to shame — taste and money-wise. Did we mention the crisp fries and pickled vegetables on the side?

Harry’s needs to pull up its vegetarian socks to please some of our likes, but with a great alcohol menu, pocket-friendly prices and a competitive non-vegetarian food section to boot, we will be visiting them again, soon.

At First floor, 103, Ventura Park, IT Building, Hiranandani Gardens, opposite D Mart, Powai.
Call 30932030

Harry’s didn’t know we were there. The GUIDE reviews anonymously and pays for meals. 

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