Sion Hospital saves a heart

May 15, 2016, 09:51 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty

City doctors give a new lease of life to driver from Bihar with a rare heart condition

Ajay Raj Kishore Chaudhary, a 22-year-old driver from Bihar, was lying unconscious on a roadside in Chembur when the police found him. They then brought him to the BMC-run Sion Hospital for treatment. While it could have been assumed that he had suffered a heat stroke, an X-ray of his heart startled the doctors.

Ajay Raj Kishore Chaudhary suffered from cardiac tamponade
Ajay Raj Kishore Chaudhary suffered from cardiac tamponade

It revealed a balloon-shaped blood congestion in the heart. It was the accumulation of fluids in the pericardial sac that was compressing his heart — a condition termed cardiac tamponade. Cardiac tamponade is a rare and serious medical condition, in which blood gets filled between the sacs of the heart. It puts extreme pressure on the heart and restricts the expansion of the ventricles. This restricts blood circulation through the body and can even lead to organ failure. “This condition is serious enough for the person to die on the spot,” said Dr Suraj Pinni, a student of the surgery department, who was associated with the case. “Due to the poor functioning of the heart, his blood pressure dropped and he lost consciousness,” said Dr Vineet Kumar, assistant professor, department of surgery, who was in charge of the surgery. After the diagnosis, it was found that there was a hole in his heart, from where the blood had oozed out and accumulated in the sac. Two cardiac surgeons, Dr Vaibhav Shah and Dr Ganeshkumar K Ammannaya, sealed the hole.

It was a tough case to diagnose as well. Due to his low blood pressure, the doctors couldn’t run a CT scan. “We decided to operate on him based on just the X-ray, which was tough, as such rare medical conditions need more medical tests to be conducted,” said Dr Kumar.

Chaudhary returned to his village, Rathi, on Thursday with his father. His 19-year-old brother, Bhola Raj Kishore Chaudhary told mid-day from Bihar, “We are happy that he has lived through the medical condition. We didn’t expect him to survive. But he is recovering.”

The treatment was covered by the Sion Hospital for free.

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