Sion siblings have no idea why they can't go back to school

Jun 30, 2014, 08:37 IST | Shreya Bhandary

Last year, authorities at Little Angels High School barred a 7-year-old student from attending Std I, without explaining why; his sister has not been allowed to join Std IV this year, in spite of appearing for re-tests

It’s been two weeks since schools around the city reopened for the new academic session, but seven-year-old Mahesh (name changed) still doesn’t have a desk to call his own in his new classroom.

The authorities at Little Angels High School refused to explain why the siblings were barred from attending school. Pic/Shadab Khan
The authorities at Little Angels High School refused to explain why the siblings were barred from attending school. Pic/Shadab Khan

The boy has been sitting at home for most of the past academic year. Similarly, his sister, who should be a student of Std IV this year, has not been allowed to attend classes with her batch. What makes matters worse is the fact that their parents have no idea why their children are being made to stay away from school.

The siblings, both students of Little Angels High School in Sion, have been studying at the institution since kindergarten. “We have paid the fees on time and followed all the rules set by the school.

I fail to understand why my children have not been allowed to attend school,” said their mother, who has been running from pillar to post for the past year seeking help from various authorities, but to no avail. She added that both her children are upset and anxious about not being allowed to go back to school and reunite with their friends.

The confusion started last year, when Mahesh’s parents received his results without an accompanying pay slip. “We somehow managed to find the exact amount through other students and paid the fees, but the school refused to accept the money.

They said my son was not allowed to study in Std I in the school. Even after meeting the school trustee, nothing has changed,” said his mother. This year, their daughter’s fees were accepted, but the school refused to hand over a receipt. After finally handing over the fee receipt, school authorities told the parents that their daughter would have to give a re-test for five of her Std III papers in order to be eligible for Std IV.

“My daughter appeared for the re-test as well, but till today, she has not been allowed to sit for classes in Std IV. The school has not even given us our daughter’s results, and there have been no explanations for this,” she said.

Frustrated, parents have repeatedly demanded that the school hand over leaving certificates of both their children, so that they could apply for admission to other schools. “I have submitted requests in writing for their school leaving certificates, but the school hasn’t obliged. They are ruining the future of my children,” added the mother.

After repeated attempts to get in touch with the school principal, mid-day managed to speak to the school coordinator, who refused to comment on the matter, saying, “You can go ahead and write that the school will not comment on this issue.”

“I have sent several complaints to the education department, but each time, the letters come back with a seal from the department,” said the mother, who said she had submitted a written complaint to Sion police station.

A copy of the complaint letter has also been sent to the office of the deputy director of education at Charni Road. When mid-day contacted N B Chavan, deputy director of education, he said, “I have not personally received any such complaint, but I will direct officials from that ward to visit the school and handle the situation.”

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