Sip on juices with an intersting mix at Bandra's Yoga House Cafe

Feb 21, 2014, 09:30 IST | Kanika Sharma

Yoga House Cafe has introduced a fresh batch of juices to tempt the healthy you to have a sip on the go in its serene surroundings. From Happy to Pink, the menu has something for everyone

Yoga House Cafe
Drink: Flavourful
Service: Friendly
Ambiance: Relaxing

As the mercury rises, being well-hydrated is back to being top priority. Ushering in spring, Yoga House Cafe has introduced a juice menu to give you potent nutrition in a gulp. Known for their nutritious munchies, we parked ourselves at their rooftop amidst potted greens. The juices are divided into two categories — simply juiced and harmoniously juiced.

The simple juices stick to fruits such as carrot, sweet lime and ilk, but the option of wheat grass earned some brownie points. Next up, we felt confounded with nine juices, which had equally catchy names — Miracle Juice, Virtuous Juice and Happy Juice.

The Pure Juice can be a healthy morning ritual. Pic/Emmanual Karbhari

We opted for the Pure Juice, Multivitamin Juice and Pink Juice as our choice of healthy poison. The cool breeze, white interiors and flowing curtains makes this place a good option for those who want a quiet corner to relax and nourish. First came up the Multivitamin Juice (Rs 220), a bright tangerine frothy mix. It contained orange, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger promising a healthy digestion. The mix had an overpowering flavour of ginger and contained no sugar or ice, reminding us of the healthy potions our grandmoms used to make.

We have to admit, the Pink Juice (Rs 240) was our choice as it was the costliest juice on the menu. Our drink comprised watermelon, natural rose water and pomegranate and was pleasant and light. Next up, was the Pure Juice (Rs 130) that had lemongrass, cardamom, lime and black pepper whirled in a grinder. Watery, the first sip of this pungent concoction, hit our tastebuds with a strong hint of cardamom and black pepper. Slightly above average, the new line of juices at Yoga House Café has a pick for all.

On: Daily, 8 am to 10 pm
At: Nargis Villa, Shirley Rajan Road, next to The Bagel Shop, Bandra (West).
Call: 65545001

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