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Mar 07, 2013, 01:21 IST | Soma Das

Founded by the sister duo of Shripriya and Aparna Saboo, The Sisters Gallery is an initiative that celebrates the art of paper quilling. The range available online includes tea light holders, photo frames, earrings, fancy paper bags and a lot more

For the Saboo sisters — Aparna (23) and Shripriya Saboo (20) — the creative arts such as paper quilling have been in their blood. “We have tried to keep learning new artistic skills. The idea for The Sisters Gallery emerged out of boredom and the fact that we weren’t active in our own “arty creative space,” says Shripriya.

Funky photo frame

It led them to start The Sisters Gallery in November last year on Facebook, which offers handmade products based on paper quilling techniques (an art form where strips of paper are shaped and glued together). Hair accessories like hairclips and hairbands, photo frames and tea-light holders are much in demand while their range continues with key chains, jewellery pieces like earrings and pendants, paper bags, festival decorations and envelopes.

Customised box

“At first look nobody believes that it is all about shaping paper with a needle. They think it’s magic,” adds Shripriya. Despite Shripriya’s current pursuit of a career in Chartered Accountancy and Aparna’s in Public Relations, the Saboo sisters handcraft every product. “From buying the paper to the glue, needles and the packaging— it’s all done by us. We also brainstorm to work out the designs. There is no limit to how much you can create with strips of paper and a needle,” explains Shripriya.

The sisters also admit that paper quilling is very time-consuming. “If it’s a tea-light holder that we are working on, it can take us between 45 minutes to an hour to complete a piece while an envelope may take us 20 minutes for each,” observes Shripriya. The Sisters Gallery is also open to customising products and are open to teaching the craft as well.

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