Six wrestlers injured as Nimbalkar Talim comes crashing down

Oct 04, 2012, 07:26 IST | Anup Satphale and Apeksha Kshirsagar

Amateur wrestlers say doctors at Sassoon delayed treatment; hospital states more serious patients needed attention when grapplers arrived

A major portion of the over-100-year old Nimbalkar Talim collapsed, injuring six wrestlers while they were taking a nap in the facility yesterday afternoon. The grapplers were rushed to Sassoon Hospital soon after the incident, but claimed they had to wait for a long time before doctors provided them with medical attention.

Asserting that the hospital administration delayed treatment, Sachin Ingulkar, an injured wrestler, said, “Though we sustained minor injuries, we were kept waiting for a very long time. They didn’t even give us basic first aid and asked us to complete the admission procedures.”

Mighty fall: The Nimbalkar Talim after the over-100-year-old traditional gymnasium collapsed yesterday afternoon. The wrestlers who were injured were taking a nap when the mishap occurred. Pic/Krunal Gosavi

Another wrestler Nitin Ingulkar said: “I sustained injuries on my head. I am also feeling pain in my spine, but they [doctors] neither gave much attention nor treatment.”

Speculating that the two-floor building may have collapsed due to various grounds, Santosh Bhilare, a trainer at the talim, said, “The talim is very old and the adjacent Wada was recently demolished due to which the building may have lost its support. It’s also possible that due to the heavy rain, the structure may have become weak. Also, the building’s age might have added to its degeneration.”

“Afternoons are our rest hours and we were all taking a nap when suddenly at 2.45 pm, all walls of the building collapsed. We were rescued by the fire brigade,” added Sachin Ingulkar. Fortunately, only one among the six was severely injured while the other five were treated for minor injuries. The injured were amateur wrestlers undergoing training at the traditional gym.

One of oldest talims, Nimbalkar Talim has garnered fame for training excceptional wrestlers. With no facility available to continue training, wrestlers are now worried about their practice sessions in future. The two-storey talim had a wrestling pit on the ground floor and the top floor was being used to house the wrestling students.

“All the injured are doing well and only one has a fracture in his leg. We are conducting various tests and X-rays of the injured,” said DG Kulkarni, medical superintendent at Sassoon Hospital. When asked about the wrestlers’ affirmation that they were neglected, Kulkarni said “They had minor injuries and there was a lot of rush when they were brought in, so we gave priority to patients who were serious.”

The other injured wrestlers were identified as Sonmath, Sanket Jadhav, Nitin Valgunje and Krishna Wangulrkar. Jadhav sustained a fracture to his leg.  

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